Why Pet Insurance Is Necessary

| Jodie Otter MSW

Think pet insurance isn't worth it? Rising vet costs and preparing the unexpected are two reasons why pet insurance is vital for all cat and dog owners.

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We've talked about whether pet insurance is worth it. Now, let's talk about why insurance is essential if you own a pet.  

Pet Insurance Motivates Pet Care

Pet insurance is important because it prepares you for the unexpected. As a matter of fact, more protection (like the kind offered by pet insurance) typically means more care for your pet. If a pet owner has pet insurance, they are more likely to bring their pet to the vet or hospital for an accident or an illness than those without coverage.

Pet owners should never have to skip a vet visit because they’re afraid it won't be worth the cost. If you know a portion of your vet bills will be reimbursed, you’ll be less likely to avoid vet visits or wait out illnesses.

Costs Are Rising

Like human healthcare, the cost of veterinary care is rising. The average cost of a veterinary visit has outpaced U.S. inflation, growing from $138 to 161 per visit. A 2016 NAPHIA study reported that pet owners with pet insurance showed an increase in the number of visits to the vet, with 29% of dog owners and 81% of cat owners spending more per year on veterinary care for their pets. The United Veterinary Services Association reported in a 2019 study that 48% of pet owners were not fully satisfied with their veterinary clinic because of cost issues. However, this same study also revealed that over 95% of dog and cat owners were satisfied with their pet's care, excluding the cost of care. The barrier to veterinary care comes down to price rather than the quality of treatment. In fact, we know that economic limitations can often result in pets being euthanized that could have otherwise received treatment. The ability to access pet insurance is one way to alleviate this barrier. Veterinarians agree that if their clients knew about pet insurance, patient care would improve and reduce burnout for veterinarians.

We can't predict when a cat or dog will get sick or injured. Most pet owners can probably tell you a silly or terrifying story of something odd their pet did or came down with that landed them in the vet clinic. Instead of worrying about the cost of treatment, we want you to be able to keep your entire focus on supporting your pet and getting them the care they need.

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Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.


Owning a Pet Is a Lifelong Commitment

With AKC Pet Insurance, underwritten by IAIC*, you can enroll your dog or cat (including mixed breeds and non-AKC registered dogs) into a policy that costs as little as $10 per month for accident and illness coverage, depending on your pet and location. The main benefit of pet insurance is the ability to have options. You have the freedom to choose the best medical care for your pet's health because you have a safety net that will support the costs of an emergency.

The sooner you insure your pet, the sooner they have protection if an unexpected emergency occurs. You can get a head start on investing in your pet's care by enrolling in a policy while your pet is still young.

Elderly or senior pets can be covered as well! We have no maximum age limit for enrollment, although pets 9 years or older are only eligible for accident coverage. However, your coverage is maintained for the life of your pet, so you don't have to worry about your pet's coverage being canceled due to age as long as there are no gaps in coverage.

We Keep It Simple

AKC Pet Insurance makes filing claims easy. Pay your vet, submit a claim, and receive reimbursement. There's no worrying about in-network vets, carrying a card, or fretting over what's covered. Of course, you still have things like monthly premiums, coinsurance, and annual deductibles just like human insurance.

However, with pet insurance, you can design a policy that's the perfect fit for your pet. You can also try AKC Pet Insurance’s 30-Day Free Look period, so if you're not completely satisfied within your first 30 days of coverage, we’ll provide 100% reimbursement as long as no claims have been filed (not available in all states).

Every pet is unique, and you probably still have questions about your pet's specific situation. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information!

Photo of a woman holding her dog

Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.

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Jodie Otter MSW

As an avid fan of all things that meow or bark, Jodie uses her expertise in human and animal health to have a positive impact on the well-being of pets and their owners. Jodie lives in Durham, NC with her cat, "Noodle", and two dogs, "Lilly" and "Clementine".


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