Frequently Asked Questions

    Enrollment and Costs

    How Much Does AKC Pet Insurance Coverage Cost?

    Premiums for plans offered by AKC Pet Insurance start as low as $10/month for Accident and Illness coverage. Factors including age, ZIP code, and optional policy add-ons all affect monthly premiums. In addition to policy add-ons, AKC Pet Insurance policyholders can customize their coverage by selecting annual reimbursement limits, and deductible amounts.

    Can I Keep My Veterinarian When I Sign Up for Pet Insurance?

    Yes. Policyholders can visit any licensed veterinarian in the United States or Canada. This includes specialists and emergency clinics, because AKC Pet Insurance understands that not all accidents, illnesses, and emergencies occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

    Will Filing Veterinary Claims Affect My Pet Insurance Rates?

    No. AKC Pet Insurance will not increase any policyholder’s rates based on the number of claims filed or the amount of reimbursement provided. Any rate increases that policyholders experience are based exclusively on market conditions.

    Does AKC Pet Insurance Cover Cats?

    Yes. Dogs and cats are both eligible for AKC Pet Insurance.

    At What Age Do Dogs and Cats Become Eligible for Pet Insurance Coverage?

    Some states may require that a puppy be at least 8 weeks of age and a kitten be at least 10 weeks of age to enroll in a plan offered by AKC Pet Insurance. Please check your policy for more details.

    Can I Insure My Elderly Pet?

    Yes. There is no maximum age for enrollment with AKC Pet Insurance. Keep in mind, however, that pets over nine years of age are only eligible for Accident coverage.

    Does AKC Pet Insurance Cover Mixed-Breed Dogs?

    Yes. Mixed-breed dogs and cats are eligible for AKC Pet Insurance.

    Does AKC Pet Insurance Exclude Certain Breeds?

    No. AKC Pet Insurance does not impose any breed-specific exclusions on cats or dogs.

    Do I Need to Register My Pet with the American Kennel Club to Enroll in AKC Pet Insurance?

    No. Registration is not a prerequisite for enrolling with AKC Pet Insurance.

    Does AKC Pet Insurance Offer Any Discounts?

    Yes. AKC Pet Insurance offers a 5% (five percent) multi-pet discount* for policyholders who get coverage for more than one pet. During the enrollment process, this discount is applied at checkout.
    *Only available with new policies. Not available in all states. If you have more than one pet or add a pet to your existing coverage, you may receive a 5% multi-pet discount on your policies.

    How Do I Enroll Another Pet in an Existing Pet Insurance Policy?

    Current policyholders who are interested in adding additional pets to their policies can access their account through the customer portal or contact AKC Pet Insurance’s Customer Care Team at 1-866-725-2747 to make the necessary updates.

    Does AKC Pet Insurance Have a Customer Portal?

    Yes. AKC Pet Insurance’s customer portal provides access to all essential policy documents, coverage details, claims updates, payment information, and more. Policyholders can submit and review claims, add a pet to their policy, change coverage options, and update their profiles from their computer or mobile device.

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