Pet Health Insurance Definitions

Thank you for being part of AKC Pet Insurance. We have created these valuable customer tools and resources below for your use! Please note: coverage will depend upon the policy selected.

*Definitions of each term listed below may vary by state. Please reference your policy document.

  • A

    • AAccident:

      A sudden, unpreventable event that causes physical injury to your pet(s). All of our policies provide coverage for accidents, anything from being hit by a car to swallowing a 4 1/2-inch turkey skewer (we've seen it!).

    • AAlternative Therapies:

      Alternative Therapies means Treatment that does not generally fall within the realm of conventional veterinary medicine as used by the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians (AARV). These therapies include, but are not limited to holistic, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatment performed by a Veterinarian or a veterinary staff member under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian.

    • AAnnual Limit:

      The maximum amount we will reimburse you for all covered expenses during a policy year. Your Annual Limit is shown on the Declarations Page of your policy.

  • B

    • BBehavioral Problems:

      A pet exhibiting abnormal responses to stimuli, not caused by an underlying medical condition, including but not limited to aggression, anxiety, and destructive and/or compulsive behavior.

    • BBilateral Condition:

      A condition or disease that affects both sides of the body (examples: cruciate ligament, cherry eye, and lameness).

    • BBreed:

      AKC Pet Insurance accepts all breeds of dogs and cats.

  • C

    • CCancer:

      We provide coverage for cancer like any other illness. No additional rider is required, no additional coverage to purchase, no additional cost!

    • CCoinsurance:

      Your portion of Covered Expenses after the Deductible is met. Your Coinsurance amount is shown on the Declarations Page of your policy.

    • CComplementary Therapies:

      Complementary Therapies means non-prescription treatment(s) that are used alongside conventional medical therapies and have been prescribed by a Veterinarian. They are available from health shops, supermarkets, and pharmacies. Most of these treatments are available for purchase over the counter.

    • CCongenital:

      An illness, disease, or condition that was present at or dated from the birth of your pet(s).

    • CCoverage Period:

      The time period specified on the Declarations Page beginning on the effective date and ending on the expiration date. All dates are as of 12:01 AM in the time zone of the policyholder.

    • CCovered Expenses:

      The reasonable and customary charges for medically necessary treatments provided by your veterinarian during the policy period that are eligible for reimbursement under this policy.

  • D

    • DDeclarations Page:

      The page sent to you with specific information about your policy, regarding policy period, coverages, limits of liability and premiums.

    • DDeductible:

      The deductible means the annual amount of covered expenses that must be paid by you for each pet before we will pay a claim for covered expenses. Your deductible is shown on the Declarations Page. The amount of the deductible depends on which policy you choose.

  • E

    • EExams:

      Our wellness plans provide benefits toward your pet's annual physical exam, so be sure to have your pet examined on an annual basis to maintain their health and happiness.

  • F

    • FFlea Control:

      Flea control is considered part of the wellness benefits in our two wellness plans.

  • G

    • GGeriatric:

      We welcome all older pets to our CompanionSelect plan. There is no upper age limit to join. Older pets can have accidents too - or suffer from bite wounds, insect bites, burns and other injuries, no matter how careful you are!

  • H

    • HHeartworms:

      Taking advantage of our wellness plans will allow you to have coverage for annual heartworm testing and 12 months of heartworm prevention, based on your pet's weight.

  • I

    • IIllness:

      A physical disease, sickness, infection, condition, or failure regardless of cause.

    • IIncident:

      A specifically identifiable illness or injury. Incident may include multiple diagnoses when they are secondary or related. If an incident is recurring/chronic, it is considered one incident.

    • IInherited:

      An illness, disease, or condition whose presence is determined by genetic factors.

    • IInjury:

      Physical damage caused by an accident.

  • J

    • JJumping is fun for Pets but can be dangerous:

      Even indoor pets are at risk from an unexpected tumble. Pets want exercise and they'll get it any way they can, even jumping out of your arms can result in a trip to the hospital.

  • K

    • KKeep a Claim Form Handy:

      You never know when you will have to go to the veterinarian. Keep claim forms and your policy number handy. This will save you time in filing your claims.

  • L

    • LLigaments:

      AKC Pet Insurance provides truly superior cruciate ligament condition coverage after a 180-day waiting period.

  • M

    • MMedically Necessary:

      Medical services, supplies, or care provided to treat covered pet(s), which are:
      i. consistent with symptoms or diagnosis.
      ii. accepted as good veterinary practice standards.
      iii. not for the ease or the request of the pet(s) owner, veterinarian, or other providers.
      iv. consistent with proper supply or level of services which can be safely provided to the pet(s).

    • MMedical Waste Fees:

      The charges associated with the disposal of medical, surgical, or chemotherapeutical waste.

    • MMRI and CT Scans:

      Diagnostic tests and scans performed to determine the cause of an illness or injury are provided for in your benefits for covered conditions.

  • N

    • NNeutering & Spaying:

      AKC Pet Insurance's DefenderPlus endorsement covers neutering or spaying procedures.

  • O

    • OOnset:

      The beginning or first appearance of the signs or symptoms of an illness or injury.

  • P

    • PPer Incident Limit:

      The maximum we will reimburse you for a covered expense for each incident with an onset date within the coverage period. Your per incident limit is shown on the Declarations Page of your policy. Per incident limits do not reset at renewal or with changes to your coverage.

    • PPet:

      The animal listed on the Declarations Page of your policy.

    • PPet Ambulance:

      A pet medical transportation service vehicle equipped with stretchers, hydraulic tables, oxygen, and a driver and/or veterinary technician.

    • PPet Original Start Date:

      The effective date when the pet was first covered by a policy administered by us or our authorized administrator, unless otherwise stated on the Declarations Page of your policy.

    • PPolicy:

      The terms and conditions and most recent Declarations Page, which includes any forms and endorsements that apply.

    • PPre-Existing Condition:

      Any illness or injury which occurred, reoccurred, existed, or showed symptoms, whether or not diagnosed by a veterinarian, prior to the pet original start date, coverage period, or during the waiting period.

    • PPrescription Medication:

      Any medicine that is dispensed from a Veterinarian pharmacy or with a written prescription from a Veterinarian that may only be filled at a pharmacy.

    • PPrevention:

      The Defender and DefenderPlus endorsements provide benefits for a physical exam, fecal exam, heartworm test, heartworm prevention, fleas and tick prevention, annual dental cleaning, vaccinations and even an option for spaying or neutering.

    • PPreventive Care:

      Treatment intended for the prevention of an illness or injury.

  • Q

    • QQuick Claims Settlement:

      The AKC Pet Insurance aims for a fast turnaround so your claims are processed quickly - generally claims are processed within 14 days after receiving all necessary information.

  • R

    • RReasonable and Customary Changes:

      Typical fees or the cost that veterinarians charge in your geographic area based on available veterinary fee information and proprietary data.

    • R Renewal:

      The great thing about our renewal process is that it's automatic. As long as we have a current form of payment, your coverage will continue without lapse and without worry.

  • S

    • SSpecialists:

      Sometimes you may need to visit a specialist. These visits can be very expensive. Our plans allow for specialist visits and visits to emergency clinics!

    • SSymptoms:

      The first departure from normal function or feeling which is noticed by you or your veterinarian, reflecting the presence of an Illness or Injury.

  • T

    • TTeeth:

      Your pet's dental health is very important to overall health. Our wellness plans provide benefits for an annual dental cleaning to make sure that your pet's teeth and gums are healthy.

    • TTreatment:

      Any test, x-rays, medication, surgery, hospitalization, nursing, and care provided or prescribed by a Veterinarian to treat an Illness or Injury. Treatment must be performed by a licensed Veterinarian to be considered for eligibility.

  • U

    • UUnderstanding:

      Your coverage is very important to you and your pet. We want to make sure you understand all of the benefits of your policy, so please let us answer any questions you have. When you enroll with AKC Pet Insurance you have a 30 day 'free look'* period in case you change your mind. We encourage you to use this time to read the full terms and conditions.

  • V

    • VVeterinarian:

      Licensed physician for animals and a provider of veterinary medicine. Veterinarian shall not include you or a member of your immediate family. You can use any licensed veterinarian in the US and in Canada, if traveling there.

  • X

    • XX-Rays:

      Veterinary medicine relies upon x-rays to help diagnose conditions. Our pet insurance covers this diagnostic procedure. We also provide benefits for MRIs, CT scans and other advanced diagnostic procedures if medically necessary.

  • Y

    • YYoung:

      We can start providing coverage for your puppy as early as 8 weeks old and your kitten as early as 10 weeks old. Protect them from the beginning!

  • Z

    • ZZoonotic:

      A funny word that means any illness that originates from an animal that can be transferred to a human, so by protecting your pets you are protecting yourself and your family.

*Only available with new policies. Not available in all states.
Pet insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company.