We’re Answering Your Top Questions About AKC Pet Insurance

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AKC Pet Insurance offers robust coverage options that allow you to customize your policy, so that you can get what you pet needs, and your budget can afford.

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Pet Insurance is booming with over 44% of pet owners stating that they currently have their pets covered with one of the many pet Insurance brands. When it comes to selecting a provider for pet insurance, there are many to choose from, each having their own plans, packages, and costs. If you’ve done any research lately, you’ve probably heard of AKC Pet Insurance, one of the nation’s leading pet insurance brands, but because each provider is different and pet insurance can seem overwhelming, you probably have questions. So, here are answers to frequently asked questions pet owners have about AKC Pet Insurance (and pet insurance in general).

1. Does AKC Pet Insurance Only Cover Purebred dogs?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the premier purebred kennel club, best known for their conformation dog shows and breed competitions. They have a deep love of canines, and so do we at AKC Pet Insurance (underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company), so we offer pet insurance coverage for dogs of any breed, mixed breeds, and even cats. Our goal is to empower pet owners regardless of breed to meet the rising cost of care for their pets, so they can lead long, healthy lives.

AKC Registration Is Not Required to Enroll in AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance does not require American Kennel Club registration to enroll in coverage, since plans are offered for all dog and cat breeds.

2. Is AKC Pet Insurance Worth It?

We’re admittedly partial to the service we provide, but AKC Pet Insurance offers robust and affordable pet insurance coverage that is worth the cost. The Accident and Illness Plan is our base package that helps cover eligible expenses related to digestive issues, allergies, cancer, broken bones, and a lot more. This plan may also offer coverage for eligible types of physical therapy, emergency care, surgery, prescription medications, and other diagnostics and treatments your pet needs.

AKC Pet Insurance takes pride in the service we provide to pet owners, and that is reflected in the stellar service provided by our Customer Care Team. Staffed by extremely knowledgeable pet lovers, our Customer Care Representatives are experts in their field and understand the love and compassion that comes with responsible pet ownership. They are more than happy to assist customers with concerns during plan selection, enrollment, the claims process, and beyond, so feel free to contact them with your questions.

Keep Your Vet and Get Pre-Existing Condition Coverage1

Plus, AKC Pet Insurance is 100% reimbursement based, so there’s no formal vet network. Instead, your coverage applies to any vet you visit in the U.S. or Canada, including emergency vets and specialists. We also offer the industry’s best pre-existing coverage for curable and incurable conditions. Pair that with our 24/7 Vet Helpline, which allows you to speak directly with a vet professional about your pet’s health, as well as our other benefits and you have thorough and dependable pet insurance coverage.

1Not available in all states. Pre-existing condition coverage available after 365 days of continuous coverage. 

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Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.


Optional Add-Ons Allow You to Customize Coverage

Not every pet owner needs every type of coverage, so we built plans with optional add-on services (at an additional cost), so you can build a plan that best fits your pet and budget. We even offer holistic and behavioral coverage options for your pets.

Exam and Office Visit Coverage

This add-on helps cover eligible exam and office visit costs, regardless of diagnostics. As pet care costs rise, options like this could provide a little relief the next time your pet needs an unexpected trip to the vet.

Hereditary Coverage

Some breeds have hereditary or congenital issues that may be passed down through their lineage. If you have a mixed breed or adopted your dog without knowing their pedigree, you may end up with a surprise hereditary disease diagnosis.

AKC Pet Insurance's Hereditary and Congenital Coverage add-on option is available after 30 days of continuous coverage and can assist with costs associated with common issues like diabetes, arthritis, luxating patella, and hip and elbow dysplasia. 

Wellness Coverage

Taking care of your pet before there’s an emergency shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Get coverage for eligible preventative care items like vaccines, microchipping, and even flea and tick prevention.

Breeding Coverage

Keep your pregnant dog healthy with coverage for accidents, illnesses, and complications related to breeding, pregnancy, whelping, or nursing.

Final Respects Coverage

No one likes to say goodbye, but this optional coverage helps reduce the financial strain of an already emotional time, so you can honor the memory of your beloved pet. 

3. How Much Does AKC Pet Insurance Cost?

We know the value of keeping your pet healthy is important, but it also needs to be affordable. By selecting the add-ons you find most valuable and adjusting your plan’s deductible, annual limit, and coinsurance, you can build custom coverage that meets the needs of your pet’s health and your wallet. Get a quote now to see just how affordable coverage can be through AKC Pet Insurance. 

No Enrollment Fees

Through AKC Pet Insurance, you don’t have to worry about an enrollment fee to sign up for a policy. Build the plan and coverage that meets your needs and set up your premium payments in a way that is comfortable for your budget. You don’t even have to get a vet exam prior to enrollment, just sign your pet up to start the coverage process.

Multi-Pet Discount2 Through AKC Pet Insurance

Since 70% of U.S. households own a pet, there’s a large good that many of those households have more than one. This can make adding pet insurance coverage daunting and may make you believe it’s out of your budget. But AKC Pet Insurance offers a multi-pet discount when you enroll more than one dog or cat.

2Not available in all states. New and current policyholders may receive a 5% multi-pet discount if they get coverage for more than one pet or add an additional pet to an existing policy.

4. Is Pet Insurance Difficult to Use?

At AKC Pet Insurance, we value your time and know that when you need to utilize your plan’s coverage, you and your pet have more to worry about than insurance. 

Here's how we've simplified the claims process:

Pay Your Vet

Because we are reimbursement based, you pay your vet provider directly. This allows you to work with the vet of your choice and not be restrained by coverage areas or provider networks. Just visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada and get an itemized receipt. 

File a Claim

The filing process is simple. You can submit a claim directly in the customer portal, or if you’d prefer, you can email, fax, or mail your claim information to our claims team. 

Get Reimbursed

All eligible expenses based on your plan coverage will be repaid either by direct deposit into your bank account or by paper check. You select the option that is more convenient, and we’ll issue the claim reimbursement as requested.

Click here to get a quote and partner with AKC Pet Insurance to help give your pet the best care possible when they're sick, hurt, and healthy.

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Every Dog and Cat Deserves the Pet Insurance of Champions

Get prize-winning care for your pets.

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